How does Palatable Work?

Welcome to Palatable . Join us as we explore the best ways to direct you to food that’s healthy, nutritious, delicious, and meets all of your allergy and other dietary needs.

Just download the app on your smartphone to become part of a community that loves to discover new, healthy food. Fill out a brief profile, select your preferences and restrictions, and we’ll help you find food tailored to your palate, chef-recommended suggestions, and local restaurants that meet your needs. Just swipe through our user-friendly interface, like or dislike dishes, and save favorite restaurants for the next time. Be part of our Beta program, and the more you use Palatable the better we’ll get!

Palatable is changing the model. We provide the ultimate culinary experience—guiding you every step of the way to find dishes suitable to your palate and the restaurants nearby that serve them. We show you photos, ingredients, and offer chef recommendations to complete a meal. We make it easy to order and pay for food, too, whether you’re requesting delivery, picking up or eating in.

Palatable provides triple savings— save time ordering food; save money with special deals, discounts and coupons; and save calories wasted on foods you won’t like.

We’re continuously adding more of your favorite restaurants to the app. Let us know who you’d like us to reach out to and we’ll do our best to get them on board. To help us get started, take this two-minute survey, tell us about your five favorite restaurants, and we’ll arrange the rest.

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We’re always looking for feedback. Please let us know what you’d like, so we can keep adding more awesomeness into the app.

Just write to us at:

Our app works best with an accurate location. Changing location is easy. Just tap on the existing location & replace it with a new one.

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