About Palatable - online food ordering app

Our Mission

Palatable promotes healthier living by providing easy, and affordable access to food that matches individual tastes, diets, and nutritional preferences.

The app’s informative, visually appealing, experiential format includes everything you need to know to make a decision about and order a dish, including a picture, ingredients, allergens, where to find it, price, distance, and payment option.

Our People


Palatable app founder - Roopak Gupta

Roopak N Gupta.

Roopak Gupta is a technologist multipreneur who has grown various successful businesses within the tech space. When he made his first robot in middle school, he was unaware of the word "entrepreneur." Now he is the president and founder of both Hureka Technologies Inc. and Palatable Inc.

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Entrepreneur & advisor

John Benemerito

John Benemerito is the founder and managing partner of Benemerito Attorneys at Law.

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Jenna Taskin

Jenna Taskin is the co-founder & CEO of Bold NYC, a marketing and branding experience on Wall Street.

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CEO & Founder

James Robertazzi

Jim has more than 25 years of combined experience as a successful CEO, founder, marketing consultant, and now a trusted advisor to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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More information to come

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